Secure Parenting, Inc.


This first-of-it's-kind program offers parents a framework and practices to guide toddlers in their emotional development, providing a solid foundation for a child's sense of worth. Parents learn how to strengthen their connection with their toddlers, creating positive, measurable, lasting change in both the parents, and toddlers, lives.


Encourage and facilitate the parenting of toddlers through enhancing the parent-child emotional connection, creating a foundation that allows each child to thrive emotionally, socially and intellectually.


Provide parents a framework that allows them to feel less stress, improve a child's sense of well-being and emotional regulation, and measurably improve the parent-toddler connection.




Enjoy a video and interview with Karen E. Purves, M.A. about Secure
Parenting - learn what it's about and hear from a "parent graduate!"